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The QLOK System

  • Precast Construction - Purely Mechanical Connection.
  • Modular System - Ideal for Match-Cast Joints.
  • Allowance for Concrete Shrinkage, Bowing and Creep Included.
  • Provision for Longitudinal Reinforcement Length Adjustment.
  • Capacity - 150% x Specified Yield Grade 60 [420] in Tension.
  • Small Hex Head Bolt - Conveniently Assembled & Tightened.
  • Removable & Reusable Locating Pins.
  • Optional Pins to React to Shear Forces in Earthquake Zones.
  • No Projecting Bars - Safe Transportation of Precast Parts.
  • Structural Integrity - Visually Validated by Inspector.
  • Improved Shear Friction Between Elements from Bolt Forces.
  • No Grout - No Cure Time - No Extended Bracing Time.
  • No Welding - No Concrete Damage from Heat.
  • Ductile Iron Pocket Module - Easy Access.

QLOK Assembly

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